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KBIS offers insurance for individuals, businesses and special risks. We are committed to keeping our customers safe and satisfied and make sure they receive the right type of insurance for their needs.


With KBIS, you have a personal connection to your insurance broker, and we can provide many answers to any of your questions or concerns. We know insurance can be hard to understand sometimes, and we are committed to making sure you are comfortable. Contact our expert consultants to learn more about our range of packages and solutions!

The Top 10 Reasons For Insurance Coverage Are:
​1. Business Insurance Is Required By Law
2. Business Insurance Protects Your Employees
3. Business Insurance Protects Your Customers
4. Business Insurance Builds Credibility
5. Contracts May Require Business Insurance
6. Business Insurance Can Help Recruit and Retain Employees
7. Business Insurance Protects Management
8. Business Insurance Protects Against Natural Disasters
9. Business Insurance Helps with Lawsuits
10. Business Insurance Offers Peace of Mind

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